Olark Training:
Get to know the platform - Get your team ready for success on live chat

New to Olark? Or wondering what's new in Olark? Join one of our training webinars, where we'll do a deep dive on Olark and best practices for chatting.

I'll be there!


Meet your presenter:

Bill T of the Olark Sales Team
Bill T

Head of Sales and Training


Next webinar:

Date: Wednesday October 18th

Time: 10:30 am Pacific | 1:30 pm Eastern

In this 1 hour session, we'll go over the basics, and some more advanced techniques. We'll leave some time for Q&A too so bring your questions!

A quick overview of what we'll cover:

  • The Olark Dashboard - how to edit your profile and where to find all the tools you need for the job.
  • The Olark Chat Console - as you're talking to customers, how do you find all the information you need.
  • Paid Features - all the big and small features available on paid Olark accounts.
  • Best Practices  for Live Chat - Bill's tips on how to maximize every chat interaction whether it's for sales, customer service, or tech support.

Thanks and we'll see you on the next webinar!

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