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About Olark

Before we talk product, let's get to know Olark. Founded in 2009, we now have more than 12,000 customers worldwide. Our 40 remote employees are building the world's simplest chat platform, designed to help customers grow their businesses.

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What Your Visitors Will See

In this video, I’ll show you a few examples of how Olark appears on some of our customer’s websites - our standard chatbox and a click-to-chat button, online and offline modes.


How You Talk to Customers

Once Olark is installed on your site, you'll log in to the Olark Chat Console to talk to your customers. In this video, I’ll show you how your agents will reply to chats, start conversations, and view visitor and customer information.


How to Manage Your Olark Chat Widget

You can customize your chatbox, view reports and transcripts, and customize team settings and agent profiles through The Olark Chat Dashboard.


Chat Transcripts and Reports

Olark saves your chat conversations and transcripts, which you can review, search, and sort at any time. We also provide detailed real-time reporting to help you identify your busiest chat times and most effective agents.


Visitors Can Rate Their Chat Experience

Olark's post chat survey let customers rate their chat experience when a conversation ends.

ONE NOTE: I forgot to mention that our post chat survey feature is optional. You don't HAVE TO use it if you don't want.


Capture Visitor Information Before a Chat

We call this feature the Pre-Chat Survey. You can require that a visitor provide their name, email, or phone number, and/or fill out a small text field, before they can initiate a chat.

ONE NOTE: You can turn the pre-chat survey on and off at any time.


Integrate Olark with Your CRM

Olark’s chat platform integrates with a wide array of CRMs, marketing automation platforms, help desks, and team communication tools like Slack. If we don't have a supported integration for your preferred CRM or platform,  you can create custom integrations using other software like Webhooks.


Olark has Canned Responses

We built our own text expander function so you can pre-program canned responses for yourself and your team. We call them Shortcuts, and they make it easy for your agents to recall long answers and common greetings in as little as two keystrokes.


Automated Messages with Targeted Chat Rules

Targeted Chat Rules allow you to send automated messages based on visitor behavior. Say a customer spends 30 seconds on your checkout page — send them the message, "Anything else I can help with?" Targeted Chat Rules go beyond just automated messages — in this video I show you the range of ways you can customize Olark using rules.

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Team Management Features

In this video, I talk about how you build your team, assign agents to groups, and monitor performance. If you'll have two or more agents on your team, Groups are a great way to keep your team organized, and make use of some of the special functionality in our Targeted Chat Rules.


How Much Does Olark Cost?

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. You pay only for the number of agent seats you need, and while we do offer a few à la carte add-ons, everything mentioned on this page is available to all agents on paid plans — no tiered pricing or hidden fees.

We make it easy to scale your team up and down as needed — your pricing will adjust automatically, even if you need a huge team for just a day.


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