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Using qualitative data from live chat can help increase sales.

“We analyzed the qualitative data in our live chat transcripts to create a vocabulary of customer words. We used this data to optimize our website and landing page copy, and OUR CONVERSION RATE ALMOST TRIPLED.Read more.

- Giles Adam Thomas, CEO and founder, Whole Design Studios

When you use automated live chat messages, it increases customer engagement.

“We tested an automated live chat message, 'How many lanyards are you looking for?', on a client's promo products site. Within their AdWords account, OVERALL CONVERSION RATES WENT UP BY 37%.”

- Johnathan Dane, founder, KlientBoost

Learn how Olark Live Chat can help your sales team.

5 or More Agents


Less than 5 Agents

With live chat software installed on its website, ecommerce businesses say they see a 38% increase in sales.

“Of those Bonobos customers reaching out on live chat, the vast majority are pre-purchase, and about 38% END UP MAKING A PURCHASE.” Read more.

- Adam Covalt, Director of Customer Experience, Bonobos

Using a live chat tab on their website helped a national insurance company increase sales leads in its sales funnel by 12 percent.

“Using a chat tab on our landing pages has resulted in about one new sale every other day. Best of all - around 12% OF THESE LEADS HAVE COME OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS HOURS.” Read more

- Jessica Potter-Adkins, Director of Marketing & Communications of Agent Pipeline, Inc.

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