Olark Live Chat + AdWords Webinar
Thursday, October 27, 1:00pm EST

Tips and Tricks of combining Olark and Google Adwords

Aden Andrus - Disruptive Advertising - Olark and AdWords

Aden Andrus

Director of Marketing

Disruptive Advertising


Alicia Suttie

Triage Team Lead

Olark Live Chat


Join Aden and Alicia for a 30 minute webinar where they'll be discussing best practices for integrating your Google AdWords campaign with Olark's Targeted Chat rules. Aden and Alicia will cover:

  • How to create the right Targeted Chat rules in Olark and what chat prompts convert best
  • How to create UTM parameters in your AdWords campaign that will fire the right chat rules
  • Examples of customers who have combined AdWords and Olark Live Chat

Join us Thursday October 27 at 1:00pm EST (10am PST)